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Why don't most Mormons know some critical details about the church?

"It is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance."
(D&C 131:6)

How many Mormons are ignorant about their own faith?

How many Mormons know these critical truths about Mormonism:

  • The official First Vision story was not written by Joseph Smith and was produced decades after the event supposedly occurred. Details
  • Smith did not use the "Urim and Thumim" to dictate any part of the Book of Mormon text we have today. Details
  • Mormon leaders, including Smith, described the Moroni visit as a "dream" until 1831, the year after the church was organized. Details
  • Almost 20 years before Joseph Smith produced the Book of Mormon, his father coincidentally had a dream nearly identical to the narrative of "Lehi's Dream" in the Book of Mormon. Details
  • Smith practiced polygamy while he was alive, secretly marrying teenagers and women who were already married. Details
  • Smith testified many times that he was coerced into secret polygamous marriages by an "angel with a sword." Details
  • Smith removed his garments before he went to Carthage Jail and told all of the other polygamists to do the same. Details
  • There have been major alterations in the temple endowment and to the temple covenants. Death-oath covenants and whole doctrinal sections were changed as recently as 1990. Details
  • The scrolls Joseph Smith "translated" into the Book of Abraham have been identified by Egyptologists — including LDS scholars — as common, pagan Egyptian burial documents, that do not mention Abraham and have no connection to the contents of the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price. Details
  • Early Mormon African-Americans were ordained to the Priesthood until Brigham Young became prophet. Details
  • Soon after the first printing, Joseph Smith tried to sell the copyright to the Book of Mormon. Details
  • Mormon teachings regarding a "Celestial Kingdom" and "three degrees of glory" come from a 17th-century Christian author. Details
  • The overwhelming DNA evidence shows that all pre-Columbian native Americans are descendants from Asia and have no connection to Jews or the middle east. Details
  • The Mormon Church has a legacy of bashing Christians and Christianity. Details
  • Joseph Smith did not give his life as an innocent martyr. A recent church film depicting Smith's death leaves out the fact that he shot three men and used a Masonic distress call moments before he died. Details

Granted, none of these are "testimony killers" nor are they meant to be. There are some people, especially the Mormon apologists and historians, who know these facts. But the point is, the vast majority of Mormons do not learn these things from the church.

But aren't these facts relevant to the truthfulness of the church's other claims?

Is the average Mormon informed enough to make an intelligent decision about the church, or are they kept in ignorance?

Does the church really think "it is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance?"

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