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Commentaries on Mormonism

Mormon Sacrifice
Rethinking the benefits of the Mormon law of sacrifice

By Their Fruits ye shall know them
What the lives of Mormons may be telling us about Mormonism

Musings of a former-Mormon
Writer Al Christiensen's thoughtful commentaries on Mormonism

Mormon Housewife Writes Gender Letter to the Bishop
Faithful LDS housewife encourages you to talk about gender issues in the church

Book of Mormon is Inspired Fiction
LDS member and K-TALK radio host Van Hale states Book of Mormon is not History

Questioning Jesus along with Mormonism
A former-Mormon examines bible claims as virgorously as other Mormon claims

Dialoge between a former LDS Bishop and a believing Mormon
Former-Mormon and Bishop Bob McCue answers questions from a believing Mormon

Dialoge between a devout-Mormon and a former-Mormon
Interesting transcript of an e-mail exchange between both sides of Mormonism

Is Santa Claus a Mormon?
A former Mormon talks about teaching kids the truth about Santa Claus

The Embarassing Truth About Mormonism
Reprint of news article from Jamaica about Mormon racism in that country and in church history

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