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Interesting Looks at Mormon History

Great Moments in Mormon History
True events in Mormon History that speak volumes about divine leadership

Examining South Park's Attack on Joseph Smith
Examining the record to see how accurately South Park depicted scenes from Mormon History

Have Mormons Always Considered Themselves Christian?
The church has a long history of condemning Christianity

Official LDS Church Doctrine on Race
The "Curse of Cain" is not merely Mormon folklore or tradition

Did Joseph Smith Have Sex with His Wives?
Official church records show Smith had dozens of wives, but did he have sex with them?

Sharing Your Spouse with The Prophet
Church leaders and historians explain why Joseph Smith married other men's wives

Joseph Smith Letter Justifies Polygamy
Official Joseph Smith letter to a nineteen year-old girl reveals his true character

Joseph Smith's Other Angelic Visitor
Why did an angel with a sword repeatedly threaten Joseph Smith's life?

Joseph Smith Polygamy Timeline
Visual chart and chronological list of Joseph Smith's plural marriages, revelations and denials of polygamy

In the End, What Happened to Joseph Smith?
Five good reasons Joseph Smith could have died a "fallen prophet"

Moroni Was A Dream
Moroni was always described as coming in a "dream" until after 1830

Joseph Smith Selling the Book of Mormon Copyright
Why did Joseph Smith try to sell the copyright to the Book of Mormon?

Creating the Book of Mormon
PDF Document explains who wrote the Book of Mormon

Official LDS Doctrine on Homosexuality
Homosexuality pleases the devil and may deserve the death penalty.

The Restoration and the Sacred Mushroom
The many visions in the early History of the Church and Joseph Smith's use of hallucinogens

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