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LDS Church Leaders

Uncompromising Loyalty
Church leaders make it very clear what they expect from church members

God Once Was a Man - Not Just a Couplet
What many church leaders have taught as fundamental doctrine

Unconditional Love Now Anti-Christ Deception
The church changes its official position on divine unconditional love

Tracking the Prophet's "I Don't Know" Official Statements
What the Prophet of God keeps saying he doesn't know

Top 10 Teaching of the Prophet Spencer W. Kimball
Citations from the Lord through his ordained apostle and prophet

Is Hinckley Acting Like a Real Leader?
Some examples of Hinckley's actions and tips on how he could be a better church leader

Effects the Holy Ghost Can Have On You
What happens when Mormons take their church leaders seriously

Was Joseph Smith's Brother, Samuel Smith, Murdered?
A church Prophet denied he was responsible for the death of Samuel Smith

Should Church Leaders Come Clean?
A former LDS Bishop ponders why church leaders hold back the truth

LDS Author Grant Palmer Interview
What LDS Author Grant Palmer had had to say before he was silenced by disfellowship

Mormon Priesthood and the Power of Discernment?
LDS Radio show host tries explaining why church leaders fell for dangerous hoax

Leaders Ignore Warnings About Pedophile in LDS Scout Troop
External link to court case raises questions about how church leaders deal with sex abuse

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