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Open Questions for Mormons

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Would you rather have...

1. Joseph Smith have been faithful to Emma his whole life or marry dozens of women including teenagers and married women?

2. The gold plates be a known artifact people can see in a museum which scholars confirm the translation Joseph Smith did, or have them taken back to heaven?

4. The witnesses see the plates with their regular eyes or "spiritual eyes" only?

5. The Book of Mormon not mention curses of dark skin or have the Book of Mormon state that dark skin is equal to light skin?

6. The Book of Mormon backed up by archaeological evidence or contradict it?

7. Brigham Young have one wife or 55?

8. The D&C discuss the necessity of polygamy to enter the highest level of the celestial kingdom or denounce it?

9. The Church be a leader in civil rights by allowing blacks full membership since it's inception or wait until 10 years after the height of the civil rights movement in 1978 to allow blacks to hold the priesthood?

10. The Church spend more on charitable donations or the two-block mall in downtown Salt Lake City?

11. The Bible state that women should cover their heads and not speak in church or that they are equal to men in church?

12. The Relief Society go back to being an led by the women or have to answer to the brethren for everything they do?

13. BYU always have promoted love and tolerance towards homosexuals or have a history of reparative shock therapy?

14. A prophet that said the Civil Rights movement and ERA were tools of the devil or have supported it?

15. Scholars confirm the translation of the Book of Abraham or fully contradict it?

16. The Church have covered up the Mountain Meadows Massacre or that it never happened?

17. The Church have brutal and violent death oaths in temple covenants or to have never had them?

18. Secret handshakes and masonic costumes in the temple or not?

19. The Church have a history of denying evolution or to embrace evolution?

20. Apostle Boyd K. Packer get his speech right the first time or change it in the print version?

Well, the quesitons could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Why do good people put up with so many horrible things?

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