LDS Mormon Lawyer Parable





The Good Defense Lawyer

Here's a little story to illustrate the dangers of being a True Believing Mormon.

Imagine you are called to serve as a jurist in a criminal trial. The defendant is accused of murder.

The prosecution presents only two pieces of evidence in the case. First, the defendant's neighbor takes the stand and says he overheard him talking about killing his boss. Second, the defendant takes the stand and can't provide an alibi for the night of the murder.

So you are the jurist. With just this evidence, would you convict?

Most people would not convict, because there is reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty, right?

So being a good jurist, you come back and reach a verdict of not-guilty.

After the trial, you leave the courtroom and are confronted by the media on the courthouse steps. A reporter comes up to you and asks you how you could have possibly reached a no-guilty verdict. You answer that there was reasonable doubt.

Then the clincher comes. The reporter asks you, "What about the DNA evidence?! What about the signed confession?! What about the fingerprints on the weapon matching the defendnant's fingerprints?!"

Come to find out, all that evidence was thrown out on technicalities and didn't make it to the trial. Come to find out, as a jurist you didn't come to the correct verdict because all the facts didn't come out in the trial.

Believing Mormons do the same thing with evidence that incriminates the church. In their minds, they act as the pretrial defense lawyers throwing out any evidence and facts that could convict the church. That's good for the church, but this tactic does not lead to the truth.

The way to truth is to let all the facts come out. Let ALL the evidence into the trial in your minds before you reach a verdict of not-guilty.

In the case of the Church vs. Truth, there is hard DNA evidence, written confessionals of wrongdoing and physical evidence that the jury in your mind should examine. Merely dismissing the facts as inadmissible (because they incriminate the church) will never lead you to reality.

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