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Mormon Sexuality

Great Moments in Mormon Sexual History
A chronology of official actions on sex and marriage in the Mormon Church

No Oral Sex For Married Mormons
What the Lord's law is concerning this intimate marital practice

Masturbation as a Spiritual Celebration
A faithful LDS Physician speaks to the healthy benefits of masturbation

How to Improve Physical Intimacy in a Temple Marriage
LDS Church leaders give counsel on how spouses can imrpove sexual intimacy

Sexless Mormon Marriages and Depression
The strong link between depression and sexual repression in LDS marriages

Sex in Marriage After Mormonism
One former-Mormon's sexual awakening after Mormonism

Church Warnings Against Homosexuality
Church leaders speak out against moral evils that ruin civilization

Mormonism Leads to Sexual Frustration
Is God waging a war on human sexuality through Mormon prophets?

The Terrible Sin of Petting
Inspired Mormon leaders explain what petting is and how bad it is

Mormon Sexual Purity and Sexual Abuse
How Mormon beliefs and offical teachings harm victims of sexual abuse

Mormon Sex Test
Four questions to heighten your awareness of sexual repression

The Most Destructive Preaching Ever
Another look at Boyd K. Packer's infamous talk on Mastrubation

Brief History of Masturbation
One man's perspective

Protecting Your Children from Sex Abuse at LDS Scout Camp
External link to court case highlights importance of parental awareness of church policies

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