A Brief History of Masturbation





One Man's View on Masturbation

By an anonymous author…

Back in more ignorant times, people believed men had a limited amount of life-giving juice. So to spill it on the ground was considered a waste of God's precious gift and a threat to the continuation of the society. Since then, we've learned sperm is like the old Doritos commercial -- go ahead, we'll just make more.

Then there was the idea that just having sexual thoughts at all was sinful, corrupted the soul and chased away the Spirit. Even regular old sex between married partners became suspect. (God gave us sex organs and the pleasurable sensations associated with them but apparently he couldn't stand to watch us use the gift.) Some religions decided sex was only for procreation and even then you'd better not find yourself enjoying it. When sex is dirty, having sex alone is even dirtier. Oh, shame, shame, shame.

So masturbation got hit with the double whammy of wasting seed and indulging in sexual pleasure.

Then, because masturbation is the primary sexual release for teens and the celibate, some people assume once a person has access to regular sex that they shouldn't need to masturbate. They think masturbation and sex are separate and mutually exclusive things. Or they think masturbation is immature. And in a world where most women are just discovering their own orgasms and the joy of self pleasuring, there's the feeling that their men masturbating borders on infidelity. "Aren't I good enough for him?"

The whole taboo about masturbation is tied up with our unwillingness to accept that humans are sexual beings, that our craving for sex is as deep and valid as our craving for food. But most religion is the enemy if desire. The only desire you're supposed to have is to adhere to the tenets of the religion. Love God, not your own orgasms -- particularly when the average sexual experience is usually far more profound than the average spiritual experience.

Personally, without masturbation I would have gone insane. I started when I was 6 or 7. I remember sneaking peeks at the lingerie sections of Sears's catalogs. I had some serious things to lie about at my baptism interview. And all my priesthood interviews. And my mission interviews. I could spot the guys who were really trying not to masturbate. They were jittery, preoccupied, cranky and, in some cases, mean. They had fits of self loathing followed by bursts of piety. They were really sad to watch.

Some people think masturbation is a sign of thinking too much about sex, but the truth is, masturbation helps you forget about sex for a while. Abstinence is like trying to fast in order to get over hunger. Enjoy a little release, get it out of your system, then go about your business. That's how it worked for me. Content, mellow, able to concentrate.

Read what a medical physician said about the healthy benefits of masturbation here.

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