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Mormon Sexual Repression Test

God's Prophets like Joseph Smith, Mosiah and Spencer W. Kimball have defined righteous sexuality for Mormons.

Here's a simple test for any True Believing Mormon who thinks they are not sexually repressed. I hope that in the spirit of Mormonism, you will indeed "take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions" and answer these questions sincerely.

1. Do you agree with Mormon scripture that sexual purity is "precious above all things? Read Moroni 9:9 and pray about it before you answer. If you're still not sure, ask your Bishop.
Yes or No?

2. Do you agree that sexual sin is most abominable above all sins, except for murder or denying the holy ghost? Read Alma 39:5 and pray about it before you answer. If you're still not sure, ask your Bishop.
Yes or No?

3. Does the loss of "sexual virtue" make someone "unclean?" If you're not sure, ask your Bishop before you answer.
Yes or No?

4. Would you rather have your son/daughter return from a mission/college in a casket than alive without their virtue intact? If you're still not sure, consult "Mormon Doctrine" page 124.
Yes or No?

If you answered yes to all four questions, then congratulations, you are a genuine True Believing Mormon! Believing Mormons obey and agree with church leaders and base their lives on the moral teachings in Mormon scripture. If you don't understand what's unhealthy about answering yes to all four questions, you are in denial. Keep on paying your tithing and ignoring that man behind the curtain.

If you answered No to any of the above four questions, then you do not agree with Mormon scripture and/or Church leaders. Therefore, you are not a complete True Believing Mormon. Since you do not follow the party line, you are most likely thinking for yourself to some degree. You could be a New Order Mormon or on the road to recovery from Mormonism.

For more thought-proving teachings on sex from the Mormon Church, look here.

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