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Van HaleMormon Van Hale

K-TALK LDS Apologist Van Hale Denies
Book of Mormon Historicity

"I'm not persuaded that the Book of Mormon is a translation of an ancient history." - Van Hale September 18, 2005

Van Hale hosts his own Salt Lake area radio program called "Mormon Miscellaneous." On February 6th, 2005 Mr. Hale's guest was Simon Southerton, author of "Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church.

During the two-hour radio broadcast, Van Hale issued a public statement, in which he declared that he could not accept the Book of Mormon is real history about real people.

Van Hale Radio Program February 6th, 2005
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Transcript of One Discussion During Hale's Broadcast

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Official Church Statements on Book of Mormon Historicity
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Van Hale Public Statements on September 2005

Caller: OK. Well, as far as, as far as everything that happened in the Book of Mormon actually being a true account, like the Lamanites and Nephites and Captain Moroni and the Savior coming to the Americas, you don't exactly believe that those events took place?

Van Hale: I'm not persuaded that the Book of Mormon is a translation of an ancient history.

Caller: And as far as the Savior appearing to the people in America, you just don't believe that actually happened. It was just a written story I guess.

Van Hale: Well, it's... Yes. Uh, the, the situation that I see in the Book of Mormon, if you want to talk in a broad way, yes. The Book of Mormon is a history. There were ancient people, there were people living on the Americas. They came from somewhere. They had religious beliefs. They had wars. They had, they built buildings. They, some of them were quite advanced, surprisingly advanced, as we discover from some of their architecture and so forth and so in a broad sense you could say yes. The Book of Mormon is a history. But when you start talking about detail, I am not persuaded that the detail in the Book of Mormon is detail pertaining to people that anciently lived on the Americas.

Caller: How do you really explain the fact that Joseph Smith obtained gold plates that I guess had an ancient record on them but, I mean, was that just a record that God wrote there and then Joseph Smith just happened to go to the same hill where the angel Moroni or the prophet Moroni, who buried them there in the hill, Joseph Smith just happened to go to that same hill where these plates were found that God supposedly wrote as a story? Or could it actually just, you know, the fact remain that it was an actual true event and this stuff actually took place and, you know, so I don't know, what's your opinion on that?

Van Hale: Well, my point of view regarding the plates is that the plates did exist, that they were delivered to Joseph Smith by an angel and they were shown to witnesses of the Book of Mormon and that gave them something tangible to testify about, that they had seen the plates and handled them but I don't think that Joseph Smith was, that the Book of Mormon relates to anything that was on the plates. It was, I don't know what word to use to, without, without it sounding crude, but uh, the only word I can think of is the idea of a prop.
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Van Hale Book of Mormon "Not History" Statement
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Public Responses to Van Hale's Statement
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