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Van HaleMormon Van Hale

K-TALK LDS Apologist Van Hale

Van Hale hosts his own Salt Lake area radio program called "Mormon Miscellaneous." On June 12th, 2005 Mr. Hale's defended his statemement regarding Mormon Polygamy.

Van Hale Radio Program June 12th, 2005
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Van Hale's statement regarding Joseph Smith's polygamy from September 2004:

"In my forty years of looking very closely at polygamy, it's been a subject that has been of some interest to me, there's not a single instance where I have encountered what, uh, the speculations that have been presented, uh, far and wide throughout the history of the LDS faith about polygamy, that polygamy was about, uh, providing a promiscuous sexual uh, opportunity, uh, increase, uh, sexual opportunities to Joseph Smith and other polygamists, that is simply not, well, there are those that say Joseph Smith wanted to have sex with a number of different women so this was the reason for it."

"But the fact is, all of the teaching and doctrine and philosophy and theology about polygamy had to do, uh, all ran along different lines. And to tell you the conclusion that it was a sexual matter in their minds rather than a matter of having to do with, uh, a restoration of an ancient practice, and uh, the opportunity of providing, uh, a good, uh, husband for, uh, a number of different, for, uh, a larger body of, uh, good women. To take a different point of view is simply speculational."

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Transcript of Hale with a Caller During his Polygamy Broadcast
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Van Hale Explains his Statement
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Van Hale Again Tries Explaing Polygamy, August 21st, 2005
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Text transcript of first 13 minutes


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